PR MAS – The Best and Worst of 2017 Christmas Campaigns

A recent PR Week UK poll asked participants to vote for the best festive communications campaign in 2017.  Iceland’s ‘Tis The Reason’ campaign won by 53.8% amongst 4 other finalists including leading British brands historically associated with the festive period: Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

PR MAS – The Best and Worst of 2017 Christmas Campaigns

Iceland’s marketing director, Mel Matson, said that the company had decided to go against the conventional “tear-jerking blockbuster” and instead produce a series of 20 second ads to make people feel happy at Christmas time.  Matson said ““Of course we know that children wouldn’t really wish for a Gilded Turkey at Christmas, but we had great fun imagining how they would react to finding our award-winning food under the tree.”

At the same time, John Lewis’s Moz the Monster was voted the brand’s least popular Christmas advert in 5 years with Moz the Monster toys retailing on the site for £20, a Christmas book of £8.99, and pyjamas (yes, pyjamas) starting at £18.00,  this will be a blow to the company.

Actually, the success of the Iceland campaign and the failure of the John Lewis campaign tells us a lot about fundamental communication principles and what businesses should adhere to ensure success in B2B PR.

These are:

  • Understand what will resonate and strike a chord with target audiences
  • Consider the human element- what matters most to your demographic?
  • Ensure your tactics show your ability to evolve as a brand- don’t be pigeon holed for doing the same thing every year
  • Surprise people with your campaign – they will appreciate it
  • Think outside of your comfort zone

Who would have thought an advert showing old home videos with PhotoShopped Lobster Thermidors would be one of 2017’s festive successes? Enhance your communications offering in 2018 and work with McOnie to bring clarity to your offering, ensuring your activity is clear and memorable.

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