Changing Of The Seasons : How is B2B PR Holding Up?

In December 2016, I wrote a blog discussing the top B2B PR trends forecasted for 2017 by Cision .  8 months has now passed, summer is well and truly over, and Christmas just three months away.  What do we think about the trends Cision predicted back then? Have we seen them happening?

Not .com Revolution

Using a more specific business-related domain, creating a presence that immediately makes the brand more memorable

Verdict: It’s happened. The .com/ is disappearing and quirky URL’s are appearing everywhere. It’s a great way for businesses to stand out and demonstrate their offering.

Executive Thought Leadership

Profiling the top people of an organisation, positioning them as leading commentators on key industry issues and trends.

Verdict: This tactic has gone further than Cision may have ever expected.  Now, thought leadership is something demonstrated through varying levels of seniority, encouraging individuals with valuable expertise to be profiled to ensure the company appeals to the biggest audience possible.  This allows for more content to be shared and, as it’s not centered around one person, can be a helpful advantage for when someone leaves a business.

Influencer Marketing

Focusing on key individuals and their following rather than an entire target market.

Verdict:  Whilst influencer engagement has accelerated, it is also surrounded by scrutiny. It requires extensive research, time and budget and ultimately is not guaranteed to work. The general public are sceptical to this activity. To ensure such online influencers maintain the trust and relationship they have worked to build with their followings, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) have created guidelines whereby clear advertisements should have #ad stated at the beginning of the post and that any associated images should also include #ad. Transparency is key. For a full list of the requirements visit

Contributor Marketing

The value behind excellent content across all business platforms and distributed to external audiences.

Verdict: Undoubtedly.  The onus on relevant, rich and robust content through varied forms is here to stay.

Trends in the B2B PR market are always evolving and as a communications agency, it’s vital we keep up with them and also look beyond them, predicting how we think the industry may shift in the future to ensure our activity is always fitting.

Keep reading our blog as we will be publishing our 2018 predictions shortly!

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