B2B PR: New client wins set McOnie on a course to reach new heights

The investment McOnie made in its new brand during the last quarter of 2017 is having a dramatic, and very positive affect.  2018 is only two months old and already McOnie has secured some major client wins that will help the agency achieve its business growth ambitions for the year.

Halma, Mainmark and KYMIRA Sport appoint McOnie to manage their external communications

Concentrating on aligning its core capabilities of taking complex, technical information and making it interesting and compelling to read, McOnie is identifying businesses that recognise this challenge, creating conversations to win their confidence.  This has resulted in adding three impressive brands to the agency’s already enviable client list – The Halma Group, Mainmark and KYMIRA Sport.

It’s not all about winning…

All agencies know that pitching for new business can be time consuming, worrying and exhausting.  But winning the pitch and adding the new client to your customer base spreads excitement and confidence across the agency.  McOnie is no different and, following the launch of our new brand at the end of 2017, we had a created a great opportunity to go and talk to businesses that we knew would benefit from our expertise.

In the last eight weeks, we have introduced The Halma Group, Mainmark and KYMIRA Sport to our established client base and are now concentrating on weaving them into our careful client management process.  Winning the business is important, but maintaining confidence and developing trust  with a new client is essential to keep them on board for the long run – something we are good at.

Halma Group

The Halma Group is a market leader in specialist safety, health and environmental technologies and its ambition is to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.


Ground engineering specialist, Mainmark, has solutions to solve your subsidence, settlement and ground stabilisation challenges.  The Australian founded business has a UK subsidiary and McOnie has been appointed to raise the profile of its impressive products and the company itself.


And finally, with the Winter Olympics in full swing and much discussion being held around the clothing the athletes are wearing, McOnie is appointed by KYMIRA Sport, the world’s leading producer of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear that uses KYnergy infrared technology.

2018 has started well for B2B specialist McOnie and these new client wins have helped the agency on its journey to achieve impressive growth.

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