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A recent Mental Health at Work report for 2016 shows 77% of employees have experienced some level of poor mental health. Looking after our minds is important in the workplace and a clear link exists between poor mental health and unproductive working.

Say Something Nice Day took place on the 1st June and employees could implement this regularly with their colleagues in an effort to boost positive endorphins, improving mental health.

Mental health is a vital aspect of health and safety and we are very passionate about this industry. At the McOnie Agency, caring for our clients and spreading the most important, positive messages about their offerings and achievements is our main focus. Many businesses have the added pressure of managing its own external communications but this is where we aim to reduce the stress.

We are effective communicators and knowledgeable and experienced PR professionals. By using these elements we can help your business to engage with the wider world, spreading key messages to make an impact.


As a B2B communication and PR specialist, effective communication is our bread and butter. We are skilled at producing engaging content that is used across various communication platforms from features, case studies, blog entries and social media. We work closely with print and online magazines in a variety of sectors that include health and safety, oil&gas, ergonomics, construction and forestry, to name a few. Working across diverse platforms means we understand the importance of writing in different styles and tones to ensure our client’s messages resonate with the audience.

We also believe in the power of talking and regularly speak to our clients on the telephone. Research suggests seven percent of a message is derived from words, 38 percent from intonation and 55 percent from the facial expression or body language[1]. Face-face communication is also important and we hold regular meetings with our clients to establish a strong long-standing relationship.


We are an inquisitive bunch of PR professionals, keen to learn more about topics pertinent to our clients. We work with diverse companies from manufacturers to service providers, and they cover a wide range of products and services from respiratory protection to safety footwear, from workwear to zips, and from contractor management to safety advice. As good listeners, quick learners and effective researchers we will compile the most up-to-date information about a range of topics from respiratory diseases to musculoskeletal injuries and many more.

Learning doesn’t just happen at our desks as we have attended press tours around factory sites, climbed to the top of the O2 arena in freezing conditions; visited one of the UK’s biggest (and smelliest!)  waste and recycling sites, and hosted and participated in a military assault course press event. Through research and experience we will translate client’s messages into something compelling.


After 26-years of working in PR, we are known for producing consistent, quality work balancing tasks to achieve deadlines. We have an extensive and good relationship with key publications and platforms, always using these outlets to shout about our client’s success, raising awareness that will ultimately implement a change.

Regarded for our creative thinking, we have experience across integrated communications, combining digital, traditional and experiential activity spanning multiple platforms. We are diverse in what we produce and will always choose the most engaging way to transfer information and ensure we reach the right audience at the right time.

With our experience, connections and creative approach to communication, we will ease your PR stresses by ensuring that those who need to know about you do and that any activity we instigate achieves the best results: to make a change.


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