Latest fatality statistics in the workplace revealed

The health and safety inspectorate has recently seen a 46% cut in budget, reported in a Guardian news piece in June 2017. The number of inspectors has been reduced by 25%, and as a result, workplace inspections have been cut by 70%.[1]

The recent announcement of the UK’s fatal injury in the workplace statistics for 2016/17 has highlighted that the construction industry still records the highest number of fatal injuries to workers – 30 fatalities in this sector, with 33% due to falls from height.  Are these stubborn statistics due to the decreasing inspections?

Fatal injuries to workers by main industry:

  • Construction- 30
  • Agriculture- 27
  • Manufacturing- 19
  • Waste- 14
  • Transport and Storage- 14

Fatal injury in the workplace

In recent years, the focus of our health and safety industry has swung towards solving occupational health issues, with the HSE’s Helping Great Britain Work Well scheme focused on occupational health. Workplace injuries and incidents must remain a key priority; even more so if we are seeing a decrease in inspections. .

The figures highlight awareness alone is not enough. Employers should be taking action, utilising effective services, some of which our clients offer such as monitoring devices, certified protective equipment and clothing as well as introducing workplace prevention programmes and awareness campaigns.


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